Weirdbook #37

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Weirdbook #37 Weirdbook returns with another jam-packed issue full of great fantasy and horror tales! Included this time are:

  • Sea Glass Harvest, by Bear Kiosk
  • The Changeling, by R. Rozakis
  • The Maiden Voyage of the Ariona, by Dale W. Glaser
  • One Million & One, by Andre E. Harewood
  • War is Grimm, by Clifford Beal
  • Blood Pact, by Sharon Cullars
  • Something I Have to Tell You, by John B. Rosenman
  • The Curious Simulacrum of Dr. F, by Michael Canfield
  • A Cure for Restless Bones, by Angela Enos
  • Homecoming Corpse, by Andrew Bourelle
  • A Chorus of Shadows, by Sarena Ulibarri
  • Graveyard Wine, by Joshua L. Hood
  • My Last Sixteen Hours, by Angela L. Lindseth
  • Wide Wide Sea, by Jackson Kuhl
  • The Safari, by Michael S. Walker
  • The Water Horse, by Bill W. James
  • The Long Way Home, by S.E. Casey
  • Unseelie Things, by Taylor Foreman-Niko
  • The Veneration of Evil in the Kingdom of Ancient Lies, by John R. Fultz
  • Livingstone, by Cody Goodfellow

Plus a selection of poetry by: Darrell Schweitzer, Kyla Lee Ward, Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad, and Denny Marshall