Weirdbook #32

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Here are great fantasy and horror tales by current and upcoming masters of the genre. Included are:
  • Childhood’s Dread, by Taye Carrol
  • The Other Neighbors, by Daniel Davis
  • Rare Air, by Mark Slade
  • The Children, by J.E. Álamo
  • The Radiant Boy, by Kevin Wetmore
  • The Whisperer in the Woods, by Peter Schranz
  • Sweet Oblivion, by Andrew Darlington
  • An Unsolicited Lucidity, by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Black Carnival, by Bobby Cranestone
  • The Howard Family Tradition, by P. R. O’Leary
  • Hell in a Boxcar, by Scott A. Cupp
  • Jorogumo, by Kelda Crich
  • Clay Baby, by Jack Lee Taylor
  • The Corpse and the Rat: A Story of Friendship, by Joshua L. Hood
  • Getting Thin, by DJ Tyrer
  • Maybe Next Door, by Richard LaPore
  • Containment Protocol, by Leeman Kessler
  • Under a Rock, by Lori R. Lopez
  • The Children Must Be Hungry, by L.F. Falconer
  • The Road to Hell, by Kevin L. O’Brien
  • Maggot Coffee, by Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagen
  • Baby Mine, by Marilyn “Mattie” Brahen •In Blackwalk Wood, by Adrian Cole
  • My Longing to See Tamar, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
  • Gust of Wind Made by Swinging a Blade, by Molly N. Moss
Poetry by: Chad Hensley, Wade German, K.A. Opperman, Ashley Dioses, Frederick J. Mayer, and Darrell Schweitzer