The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Author: Robert T. Garcia

Details: Product Description Original theme anthology.  Eleven new tales set in the legendary worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Contains stories by top writers such as Mercedes Lackey, Sarah Hoyt, and Mike Resnick.Eleven new tales set in the legendary worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Most people don’t know it, but the best-selling American writer of the 1920s wasn’t Hemingway or Fitzgerald, but Edgar Rice Burroughs. Everyone knows that he created Tarzan, but he wasn’t limited to that one classic creation.  There was John Carter, Warlord of Mars.  There was Pellucidar, the wondrous world that exists at the center of the Earth, and  Carson of Venus, the Wrong-Way Corrigan of space, who set off for Mars and wound up on Venus for four novels and part of a fifth. Many top science fiction and fantasy writers of today grew up reading Burroughs, and this anthology is their way of “paying back” and thanking him for stirring their imaginations. Join their celebration with these all new tales set in the astounding worlds that Edgar Rice Burroughs brought to life: giving their own spin on the unforgettable characters conceived by one of the great masters of science fiction, adventure, and fantasy. About The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs: “More fun than I've had in an anthology in a long time.”—Critical Mass "[A]ltogether a fitting and enjoyable tribute to the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs."—SF Crowsnest From Publishers Weekly Once a bestselling author and now largely forgotten (2012's calamitous John Carter movie aside), Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875–1950) offered his readers energetic pulp adventures in exciting settings: African jungles, the Earth's hollow interior, an overgrown Venus, a dying Mars. This Festschrift includes 11 stories from a variety of SF authors; all are original to this volume except Resnick's own The Forgotten Seas of Mars, first published in the fanzine ERB-dom in 1965. Included are homages to Tarzan of the Apes (Kristine Kathryn Rusch's Tarzan and the Great War), Carson Napier of Venus (Richard A. Lupoff's Scorpion Men of Venus), and mysterious Pellucidar (Mercedes Lackey's The Fallen: A Tale of Pellucidar). The high point is Lansdale's Tarzan and the Land Time Forgot, a crossover between two of Burroughs's series. The other contributions are variable in quality; the nadir is Lupoff's, which reads more like a fragment of a novel than a short story. An exercise in compulsive nostalgia, this anthology is uneven but quite sincere. (Oct.) Review "All the authors are clearly familiar with the Burroughs canon, and deliver good yarns in the vein of the original. ... A fun idea, well executed by all involved."ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION: On Books"These authors, one and all, have definitely captured the ERB magic. Anyone with fond memories of the Burroughs oeuvre will surely enjoy this book. Anyone who's wondered what the fuss is all about should give it a try "ANALOG: The Reference Library About the Author Mike Resnick is, according to Locus, the all-time leading awardwinner, living or dead, for short fiction. He has won five Hugos from a record 36 nominatiuons, plus other major awards in the USA, France, Japan, Poland, Croatia, and Spain. He is the author of 69 novels, more than 250 short stories, and three screenplays, and has edited forty-one anthologies. His Kirinyaga, with 77 major and minor awards and nominations, is the most honored book in science fiction. He was Guest of Honor at the 2012 World Science Fiction Convention, and lives in Cincinnati with his wife Carol.Robert T. Garcia worked at Cinefantastique magazine, Mayfair Games and First Comics (as Senior Editor) before founding Garcia Publishing Services with his wife Nancy back in the 1980s. They won the World Fantasy Award in 1983 for American Fantasy™ magazine which spun off into American Fantasy Press which recently published Mike Resnick’s short story collection Stalking the Zombie. Bob has edited the anthologies Temporary Walls (w

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