The Spider Strain and Other Tales from the Pulps

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Author: McCulley, Johnston

Details: In "The Spider Strain," the supervillain's right-hand man, John Warwick, must steal a priceless necklace. This is his last assignment, for if he can finally satisfy the Spider, he will free himself from the criminal forever. With a rival gang after the necklace and the Spider's fate hanging in the balance, this may be Warwick's most dangerous assignment yet. A beautiful woman, a decades-old secret, and thieves running rampant at a high society party make for a brisk caper-story . . . and the culmination of the long-running Spider series! This volume also features a fine selection of other mystery tales from the pulps by Johnston McCulley, who remains most famous as the creator of Zorro.

Languages: English

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Binding: Paperback