The Rover Boys In New York

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The Rover Boys was a popular juvenile series authored by Arthur M. Winfield, a pseudonym for Edward Stratemeyer. 30 titles were published between 1899 and 1926 and the books remained in print for years afterward. While there are better-known and longer-running juvenile series such as The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Tom Swift, the Rovers were very successful and influential. They established the template for all later Stratemeyer Syndicate series to come.  


Brothers Tom, Sam, and Dick Rover were students at a military boarding school: adventurous, prank-playing, flirtatious, and often unchaperoned adolescents. They were frequently causing mischief for authorities as well as criminals. 


Note: the series is a product of a different era and at times uses exaggerated ethnic stereotypes and dialect humor. It is not politically correct by modern standards.