The Road to Science Fiction, Vol. 4: From Here to Forever, James Gunn - PB

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Author: James Gunn

Details: This is the fourth volume of James Gunn's critical anthology series, The Road to Science Fiction, and like its predecessors it is packed with some of the best stories ever published. There are 33 pieces in all, written by acknowledged masters such as Walter M. Miller, Stanislaw Lem, James Tiptree Jr., Thomas M. Disch and Gregory Benford. In this volume Gunn has dropped the theme of "importance to the genre" and instead favored "quality of writing" because, he says, it's too soon to say what far-reaching impact these stories will have. If Gunn's any judge, they will have quite a bit. Product Description Offers selections from major works of science fiction and its precursors, from ancient times to the present Review remains as successful a survey of recent SF as one could wish, essential to every library and every scholar or teacher of the field. -- Analog

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