The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army (Oxford Illustrated Histories)

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Author: Chandler, David

Details: Product Description From the Napoleonic Wars to the battle of the Falklands, from the pike and musket to the Challenger tank, The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army brings to life the colorful and far-reaching history of this long-lived institution. Lavishly illustrated with more than two hundred and seventy black-and-white pictures, twenty-four color plates, and fourteen maps, this volume provides a wealth of historical detail as it takes readers on a lively journey through the annals of the British Army. Here are vivid descriptions of allthe famous military campaigns and battles--from Agincourt and Crecy, to Trafalgar, Waterloo, and Yorktown Heights, to Dunkirk and D-Day--as well as insightful portraits of the great commanders, including Edward I, the Duke of Marlborough, Cromwell, the Duke of Wellington, and Field MarshallMontgomery. And the breadth of coverage is superb, ranging from the Army's medieval origins, to the days of empire, to the critical issues facing the contemporary army. This vividly written chronicle is further supplemented with chapters focusing on themes of special interest, such as thecontroversial and costly role of the British Army in Northern Ireland, the Army in India, the function of the Army in peacetime, and the philosophy of British military policy--all of which are examined from a range of political, economic, military perspectives. Military experts and military historybuffs will be particularly interested in the twenty-one detailed special sections that highlight vital aspects of the Army, including tactics, weaponry, and major figures. Finally, the volume boasts a distinguished roster of contributors, boasting not only prominent military historians, but alsoformer servicemen, who provide expert technical insight and vivid, eyewitness accounts of modern soldiering and warfare. Comprehensive, authoritative, and lavishly illustrated, The Oxford History of the British Army will fascinate military history buffs as well as anyone seeking a broader understanding of British or modern world history. From Booklist The product of 20 noted military historians, this volume stretches the topic far beyond the purview of the battlefield. While including narrations of significant bloodlettings, each writer keeps in mind an army's strategic purposes--expressed in doctrines--which have evolved over the three centuries since Britain established a standing force. The social and financial contexts are critical as well, for how one recruits, trains, and pays for an army is as important as how sensibly, or stupidly, it is commanded. With such themes in mind, and backed by Oxford's typically profligate layout of colorplates, black-and-white photos, and maps, the interested reader will be hard pressed to find a better introduction than this. It opens with an overview of the dynastic and civil wars of England up to the Glorious Revolution, then concentrates on the age of Marlborough, the North American empire, Wellington, the Victorian empire, and then the twentieth century and its ranks of mass conscripts. Boxed features detail each period's distinctive tactic and defining battle, be it the square at Waterloo or the Maxim guns at Omdurman. With its felicity of text and variety of visuals, this volume will secure a prominent place among the library's war shelf wares. Gilbert Taylor Review 'there has been a volte face: good use of 'highlight' features, illuminating diagrams of siege, campaign and capture ... At last we can see what actually happened in the battle of New Orleans.' Fiona MacCarthy, The Observer`It has been some time since a major work on the British Army has been published. Now it has arrived, it has to be one of the most interesting ever produced. It comes from Oxford University Press and is compiled by a team of the most knowledgeable military historians in Britain under the leadership of David Chandler. Here in single volume is the essence of the glorious centuries

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