The Misadventures of Ellery Queen

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Author: Queen, Ellery

Details: For generations, the name “Ellery Queen” has been synonymous with the finest in mystery fiction. When cousins Frederic Dannay (1905–1982) and Manfred Lee (1905–1971) created the iconic character and byline in 1929, they had no idea how influential he (and they) would become. Books, movies, television programs, and radio shows have firmly rooted their characters in the public consciousness. To this day, their work remains among the best examples of “fair play” mystery fiction. Their fans -- including such luminaries as Stephen King, Agatha Christie, and Anthony Boucher -- are legion. This volume assembles 16 stories by a wide variety of authors, all written (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) as homages to, and parodies and pastiches of, the character -- and writing team -- known as "Ellery Queen." Included are: INTRODUCTION: Elementary Questions, by Josh Pachter and Dale C. Andrews INTRODUCTION: Sorely Missed Adventures, by Richard Dannay INTRODUCTION: The Sincerest Form of Flattery, by Rand Lee THE MYSTERY OF THE RED BALLOONS, by Thomas Narcejac DYING MESSAGE, by Leyne Requel THE GILBERT AND SULLIVAN CLUE, by Jon L. Breen OPEN LETTER TO SURVIVORS, by Francis M. Nevins THE REINDEER CLUE, by Edward D. Hoch THE BOOK CASE, by Dale C. Andrews and Kurt Sercu TEN MONTHS' BLUNDER, by J.N. Williamson THE ENGLISH VILLAGE MYSTERY, by Arthur Porges ELROY QUINN’S LAST CASE, by Dennis M. Dubin THE NORWEGIAN APPLE MYSTERY, by James Holding THE MAN WHO READ ELLERY QUEEN, by William Brittain E.Q. GRIFFEN EARNS HIS NAME, by Josh Pachter THE LAST CHECK, by Patricia McGerr THE DEATH OF THE MALLORY QUEEN, by Lawrence Block THE RANSOM OF EQMM #1, by Arthur Vidro THE TEN-CENT MURDER, by Joseph Goodrich

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