The Great Book of Wonder: 10 Classic Short Story Collections

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Author: Dunsany, Lord

Details: UPDATED May 2016: The newly expanded edition adds an additional 9 rare stories, eight of which were uncollected in Lord Dunsany's lifetime, and one of which only appeared in a British collection. (And yes, it still has a detailed table of contents listing every collection as well as every story in the collection.) This mammoth collection of Lord Dunsany's classic short fiction assembles no less than 10 collections into one volume: 8 collections of fantasies: THE GODS OF PEGANA, TIME AND THE GODS, THE SWORD OF WELLERAN, A DREAMER'S TALES, THE BOOK OF WONDER, FIFTY-ONE TALES, THE LAST BOOK OF WONDER, TALES OF THREE HEMISPHERES. 2 collections of war-themed tales (some of which are fantasy): UNHAPPY FAR-OFF THINGS, TALES OF WAR. The greatest collection of Lord Dunsany's short fiction ever assembled!

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Binding: Paperback