The Crimson Peril

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Perhaps half a light year away was a star, the most curious star ever. Dull red and pulsating like a living thing. It was behaving as no star should. For a long time the Crusaders looked at it, then Viona’s eyes became mystified.

“What is it, anyway?” she asked. “Plainly it's a sun of some dull red color, since all stars are really suns . . . but what makes it carry on like that? Varying between first and tenth magnitude, beating like a living heart....”

“For such mysteries as this, we travel the void.” The Amazon smiled, then without another word she got up and crossed over to the control board. Under the manipulation of switches the vast nose of the Ultra slowly swung round in the deeps until it was pointed directly at the pulsating enigma...

So begins the astounding adventure of THE CRIMSON PERIL, the 23rd novel in the ongoing saga of the Cosmic Cru­ saders, led by the fabulous Golden Amazon, John Russell Fearn’s. most famous science fiction heroine. Written by the legendary JOHN GLASBY, this entirely new novel continues the adventures of the Amazon and her fel­low Cosmic Crusaders as they explore one of the strangest and most dangerous solar systems in the Galaxy!