The Counterfeit Heinlein

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"No one but Larry Janifer could have dreamed up a puzzle as intricate, a mystery as baffling, or a McGuffin as gloriously twisted as those contained in The Counterfeit Heinlein. Professional Survivor Gerald Knave, the future's most civilized man, finds he must compete with the man who knows everything that can possibly be known, and the girl who knows everything else, to solve a crime that all agree makes absolutely no sense...while dodging gunfire from someone who seems to think it does. Robert A. Heinlein would have loved this book. In fact, maybe he wrote it, and the damn thing is actually a counterfeit Janifer. Whoever's responsible is ingenious, elegant, learned, concise, witty and wise-you decide." --Spider Robinson

"Both Knave and I have more respect and admiration for Robert A. Heinlein than either of us can well say. Nothing said by any person in this report is to be taken as a denigration of Heinlein or his work; indeed, no sf writer mentioned, quoted from, or alluded to by Knave or by any Misfit lacks the respect and admiration we both gladly give him, or her." --Laurence M. Janifer