The Coils of Time / Into the Alternate Universe (Vintage Ace Double M-107)

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Author: Chandler, A. Bertram

Details: THE COILS OF TIME: Dr. Henshaw had created what he thought was a time travel machine and he had sent guinea pigs through it. But now he needed a human subject for the final test. Christopher Wilkinson thought the whole idea was absurd, until a book that had been sent through the machine came back with a thumb print on it, the print of Vanessa, his dead sweetheart!So, Wilkinson agreed to the experiment. He stood in the white circle facing the machine as it began to gleam and spin, pulling him down through the tortuous coils of time, to a Venus which could never possibly exist…at least, not in our world line! INTO THE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: Did you ever wonder where all those missing combs, lighters, ocean liners, etc, all wind up? The cover picture gives you an idea. Commodore John Grimes sets out on a "wild ghost chase" along the galaxy's rim. The expedition has two purposes: to find out what happened to two (presumably) dead men, and to find a solution to the mysterious phenomenon known as "rim ghosts." The result is not what they wish. They cross into an alternate reality which is, literally, a cosmic mistake, with no way to exit.

Languages: english

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Binding: Mass Market Paperback