Red Flags (Kate Reilly Mysteries, 4)

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Author: Kaehler, Tammy

Details: Review Good read. Will read more books by this author. (NetGalley)Another racetrack, another murder for a driver who'd rather be racing than sleuthing. Kate Reilly has a busy schedule at the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Her racing prospects have been improved by her new sponsor, Frame Savings, a bank owned by her largely estranged family, which has chosen to finance her activities and give her a chance to break into IndyCar and possibly NASCAR. Raised by her grandparents, Kate has only recently met her father, James Hightower Reilly, the only member of her newfound family who's nice to her. A dead body with her business card in its pocket turns out to be that of her cousin Billy Reilly-Stinson, who, with his father, Edward, and cousin Holden Sherain, has been particularly hateful to her. It's lucky that she can produce an alibi when Edward accuses her of killing Billy. Although Kate would love to ignore the murder and concentrate on driving and coaching movie star Maddie Theabo for a celebrity race, Grand Prix owner Nikki Gray and race president Don Kessberg beg her to solve the crime. Reality star Nikki is wealthy and smarter than she looks, even if she was having an affair with the much younger Billy. Kate must also deal with FBI agent Ryan Johnston, who may be investigating the racing crowd and who's interested enough in Kate to ask for a date. Also asked out by a movie-star heartthrob, Kate, living the high life in Hollywood, tries to understand her father's wobbly support as she does her best to impress the IndyCar team she's testing with. Despite her attempts to ignore the murder, she's dragged into situations that may make her the next victim. In the fourth in this character-driven series, Kaehler (Avoidable Contact, 2014, etc.) complements its exploration of Kate's problems and triumphs with a better mystery and plenty of suspects you love to hate. (Kirkus)Kaehler seamlessly integrates the racing world into her writing, giving those who are unfamiliar with racings’ intricacies a peek behind the curtain. One does not have to be a race fan to enjoy reading this book. Racing is the backdrop of all of the novels, but the heart of every one is Kate Reilly: a no-nonsense female heroine who happens to stumble into danger both on and off the track. As with every book in this series, our protagonist, Kate Reilly, is an up and coming female drive in the IMSA series with the desire to drive in both the IndyCar and NASCAR series. In Red Flags, Kate is finally seeing her dreams realized. She has a spot on a championship contending IMSA team and not one but two major sponsors with her newest sponsor paying for oval testing with an IndyCar team and plans for her to race in the most coveted of all races, the Indianapolis 500.~~~Those in the industry will find that she has brilliantly captured the psyche of racing and will identify with the balancing act that the Kate faces throughout the series. Mystery fans will enjoy the intriguing characters and the complexity of story which will keep them guessing until the end. Red Flags is a fast paced murder-mystery with a splash of romance and a big dose of women kicking ass. (Trackside Online)In the fourth Kate Reilly mystery, the professional race-car driver is in California for 10 days, participating in the Grand Prix of Long Beach. But Kate, who has a habit of wandering into dangerous situations, is unsettled by the murder of her cousin, a man she barely knew. Because of that family connection, and because her family’s bank is sponsoring her at the race, she feels she’s under some pressure to find out who killed the man. This novel—and, in fact, this series—is proof that an author doesn’t have to break any new ground to tell a good mystery story; in most ways, it’s a familiar amateur-sleuth tale (even a tad predictable in places), but because the author has a sprightly, engaging style, and because Kate is a charming heroine in an unusual career, we really don’t mind that we’ve seen these

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