Murder in the O.P.M. A Col. Primrose Mystery

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Author: Brown, Zenith

Details: Product Description In the middle of the night, struggling B actor Glenn Harley gets a hysterical phone call from starlet Nancy Rhymer. She needs Harley to come over to her house immediately. Harley, who always has secretly longed for Nancy Rhymer, jumps out of bed and drives quickly to her home. Once there, he discovers she has knifed a semi-famous actor to death “in self defense” and needs Harley’s help to clean things up to protect her from scandal. His affection for the actress is too strong to refuse and he ends up burying the corpse along with it's belongings. Of course as he is digging the grave, we know he is actually digging himself deeper and deeper into a world of blackmail, disloyalty, and hunted persecution. Review "Grace Latham, confidante and concealer of evidence, and the doughty Colonel, spar their way through the murder of the head of the magic metal branch of the O.P.M., a murder which goes beyond office doors to family affairs..." -- Kirkus Reviews

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Binding: Paperback