Mr. Corbett's Ghost [VHS]

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Author: Huston

Format: Closed-captioned

Details: starring John Huston, Paul Scofield, Burgess Meredith, & Mark Farmer. A entertaining Dickens-like ghost story, set in 1767 in a small English town on the midst of New Year's Eve. A young apothecary's apprentice is kept working late by his cruel master, Mr. Corbett (Paul Scofield). The young apprentice angry at his master for his cruelty wishes him dead. As the movie moves along all the ingredient for that to happen seems to be coming true. When the young man meets a strange mysterious man (John Huston) who bargains in Souls, the deal is sealed. When Mr. Corbett expires the young apprentice's troubles just begin. A fanciful, good tale that is told and acted in a manner that all family member can enjoy and not lose a wink of sleep. Good family-fare.

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