Lost in Space - Wild Adventure (Vol. 11) [VHS]

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Author: Guy Williams

Format: Black & White

Details: From the Back Cover Originally conceived as "The Swiss Family Robinson in Space" and airing from 1965 to 1968 this Light-hearted adventure is a true sci-fi classic with an enormous following of devoted fans. Relive the fun and excitement in this specially selected series of the very best episodes. The Jupiter 2 is hurtling through space en route to Alpha Centauri, when Dr. Smith re-sets the controls for Earth and accidentally jettisons the fuel. But a stop at a re-fueling station leads to some strange phenomena, including a mysterious alien woman whom only Smith can see. It's a bumpy ride for the Robinsons, whose race from danger to danger may end in a collision course with the Sun.

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Binding: VHS Tape