Literary Guide and Companion to Middle England

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Author: Cooper, Robert M.

Details: Review “Cooper is both a born teacher and a skilled raconteur; he knows that no lecture or story can possibly bear the weight of everything he wants to say, so that what comes to us has been carefully considered without showing the seams.”—The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians Product Description Cooper’s The Literary Guide and Companion to Southern England has been popular with travellers since 1986.This, the second guide in a series of three, brings all Cooper’s delight and enthusiasm to the literary sites of Middle England. The author takes us through fourteen counties in the heart of England, engaging us with anecdotes of local literary figures, pointing out the homes, pubs, hotels, and places (fact and fictional) of all sorts that have connections to writers, their families, their associates, their pets, and sometimes, their fictional characters. Maps before each county section show highway numbers and suggested routes.One of the indexes indicates which hotels and pubs we may enjoy today, and Cooper also points out the churches, gardens — even graveyards — that hold special meaning for those interested in English literature and the people who have made it, from before Chaucer to Jeffrey Archer. About the Author Robert M. Cooper was a professor of English at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Born in Manchester, he lived and did research on southern England.

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