Doc Savage book - Horror in Gold, by Will Murray — SIGNED HC!

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Doc Savage book - The Infernal Buddah, by Will Murray 

Altus Press. Brand new. Wrapped in plastic. Hardcover with signed bookplate (signed by Will Murray and artist Joe DeVeto, plus a facsimile signature from Lester Dent.)

CONDITION NOTE: This books is from the estate of a collector. He had a cat who apparently sat on this copy (but only once!) -- luckily it was in plastic and 99.9% protected. I can feel  one slight indentation on the jacket from a claw, but it's nearly impossible to see unless you turn it to the light. So, not perfect—but not a disaster by a long shot. "Nearly perfect, but not quite" sums it up. I'm taking $10 off the price as a result.