Cumberland's Cradle

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Author: Wilson, Derek

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Details: Product Description Lanner Castle is a forbidding granite conglomeration of pseudo-Gothic towers and crenellations on an island in tiny Loch Huich. The locals know little about its present owner, the reclusive Mr Robertson, except that he is wealthy, writes antiquarian books and owns the most comprehensive accumulation of torture instruments in private hands. But there are those who know more about Mr Robertson and his past - and of those people he is terrified. Now a series of omens - two of his guard dogs and his parrot killed on his own torture implements - suggests that Mr Robertson's fortress is not as impregnable as he believed. Calling in international security expert Tim Lacy to install the latest intruder tracking and warning devices, he goes into hiding. But Lacy cannot prevent the pride of the gruesome collection, Cumberland's Cradle, from being stolen. And two days later, Mr Robertson is found fatally reunited with his property. Why are the police warned off the murder investigation? Where do drug-runners and Special Branch fit into the picture? What is the connection of this murder with the suppression of the Jacobites in 1745? Finding the answers to these questions will carry Tim Lacy into the greatest danger he has ever faced... About the Author Three decades ago, at the end of a seven year stint teaching, travelling, broadcasting and writing text books in Kenya, Derek bundled his wife and three small children into a car, journeyed by ship to Karachi and then drove overland back to England and a new life as a full-time author. Since then he has devoted himself, as he says, to 'telling stories'. There have been several kinds of stories and several kinds of telling. Some have been factual - biographies and studies of intriguing past events. Some have been fictional - for the most part crime stories. Some have been tales told on radio or television in the form of plays and documentaries. Others have been presented to live audiences - narratives that have kept hearers enthralled and often challenged their preconceived ideas. In whatever medium Derek works his objective is always the same: 'My attitude is "Hey, folks, I've discovered something fascinating. May I tell you about it?"' Because Derek's interests and enthusiasms are wide the subject matter of his stories is diverse - the sagas of fabulously wealthy families, 18th century witchcraft, the building of the Channel Tunnel, murder in Renaissance Florence, the love affair of Robert Dudley and Queen Elizabeth I. His varied projects have given him and continue to give him a great deal of fun. He has interviewed the Prince of Wales (for a programme on adventure training), sailed on a tall ship (for a book on Drake's circumnavigation), wined and dined at Bordeaux chateaux and Parisian mansions (for his study of the Rothschilds) and been admitted to the secret archives of Interpol. Today he lives in Devon and makes frequent forays to a secluded retreat in Normandy. These locations enable him to indulge his sundry passions - collecting art and antiques, French food and wine, helping new writers ('because I've been there and I know how tough it is'), speaking at literary events, travelling, and full involvement in the life of his church. Derek Wilson has scripted and presented scores of dramas and documentaries for BBC Radio 4. He has also contributed to several television programmes including "Drake's Last Voyage" (BBC2, Timewatch) and "Pirates" (Discovery Channel). Paul Mould Publishing will be releasing paperback editions of Derek's "Tim Lacy" series of artworld mystery titles, which were previously published by Headline Books and are now out of print. Tim Lacy is a security expert and denizen of the art world which teems with dubious dealers, unscrupulous collectors, fraudsters, crime bosses and bona fide connoisseurs, all in pursuit of the rare, the beautiful and the valuable.

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