Cuisines of Hidden Mexico: A Culinary Journey to Guerrero and Michoacn

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Author: Kraig, Bruce

Details: Product Description A gastronomic exploration of intriguing and wonderful places south of the borderCUISINES OF HIDDEN MEXICOA Culinary Journey to Guerrero and Michoac?nA combination cookbook, travelog, and cultural history, Cuisines of Hidden Mexico explores two Mexican regions through the richness and diversity of their food. In few countries of the world is food so central to the lives of the people as it is in Mexico. And this absorbing account of a journey to Guerrero and Michoac?n shows just how closely each region's tantalizing recipes (75 included) are woven together with its history, anthropology, and folk art. Armchair gourmet travelers will discover the surprising subtlety and variety of authentic Mexican fare as they wander through town and countryside, enjoying the sights, and savoring the delectable tastes of simple back-road stands and fine restaurants. A full complement of line drawings by Nicol?s de Jes?s, the acclaimed Mexican artist, further enhances the multisensory pleasure of this fine book. From Publishers Weekly An offshoot of a 1994 public television documentary about the people, history and culture of Guerrero and Michoacan, this collection by the show's coproducers has the air of an afterthought. Among the 75 indigenous recipes are plenty of interesting dishes, such as Picaditas de Venado, a dish of venison steaks with tomatillos, and Guerrero's famous Pozole, a soup of hominy and pig parts. The writing, however, is frequently clumsy and the recipes often confusing (in the recipe for Atole de Grano, it is not clear how many pots of water are boiling at once). While details about the filming are often interesting, descriptions of markets visited and meals eaten read as though they were lifted from a detailed diary and lack immediacy here. Experienced cooks eager to create dishes rarely seen in the U.S. and willing to track down unusual ingredients (many recipes call for hard-to-find items, e.g., huitlacoche, a trufflelike corn fungus, or iguana) will most appreciate this effort. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library Journal The way to a culture's heart is through its stomach, as kitchen-chair travelers will discover here. Focusing on the Mexican states of Guerrero and Michoacan, the authors give food a historical flavor but also makes history digestible. Here they provide detailed descriptions of how food is selected, prepared, and consumed, and also cover scenic places to visit, local dishes to sample, the history and social place of food, and eating customs. Seventy-five authentic recipes introduce the use of exotic, traditional ingredients such as banana leaves, avocado, and cilantro. School and academic libraries should consider buying this unique and informative book, as teachers will appreciate its usefulness in preparing multicultural lessons, relating the early Old World consumption of iguana, dog, and grasshoppers, as well as the later influence of Spain. For comparison, see Raymond Sokolov's Why We Eat What We Eat, LJ 9/1/91). [See also Nancy Zaslavsky's A Cook's Tour of Mexico, reviewed below.?Ed.]?Valerie Vaughan, Hatfield P.L., Mass.-?Valerie Vaughan, Hatfield P.L., Mass.Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review This combination cookbook and travelog goes far beyond the usual cookbook format and is recommended for readers who want a healthy dose of historical and cultural information along with recipes. This will make the perfect gift for any who plan a visit to Mexico and who want to take along an armchair tote and gain recipes of regional favorites. -- Midwest Book Review From the Publisher Based on the authors' PBS documentary, this riveting account of a journey to two Mexican states reveals how closely each region's tantalizing recipes are interwoven with its history, anthropology and folk art. Covers agriculture, food preparation, the social places of food and eating habits. Contains 75 delicious indigenou

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