Cat in a Leopard Spot: A Midnight Louie Mystery (Midnight Louie Mysteries)

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Author: Douglas, Carole Nelson

Details: From Publishers Weekly Fans of debonair anthropomorphic feline Midnight Louie will be delighted, but the uninitiated would do best to avoid this 13th installment in Douglas's alphabetical "meganovel," after 2000's Cat in a Kiwi Con. (For those who are counting, the B book, Cat on a Blue Monday, follows Catnap and Pussyfoot.) Applying her trademark comic style (lots of bad puns and wordplay) to a deadly serious animal-rights treatise, the author sends Louie to investigate Rancho Exotica, a desert resort outside Las Vegas that caters to big-game hunters who pay for the "fun" of shooting captive wild animals and getting that trophy head for the den wall. When Rancho Exotica's animal-abusing owner, Cyrus Van Burkleo, gets impaled on a trophy horn, a stolen performing leopard, Osiris, gets charged with the crime. Louie, with minimal aid from such human allies as PIs Max Kinsella and Temple Barre, comes to Osiris's rescue. The many points of view and constantly shifting action, which bounces between the Vegas strip, Rancho Exotica, an animal rescue park called Animal Oasis and even (briefly) Chicago, will daunt anyone unused to Douglas's exuberance. Is the novel a comedy? A serious mystery? A love story? And what of all the loose plot lines and unresolved relationships? With the series less than half complete, the author promises her readers to provide satisfaction on all scores by book number 27. Douglas loyalists will swish their tails in anticipation. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc. Product Description Midnight Louie, that loveable and feisty feline sleuth returns once again to delight his legions of fans. This time, not only does Louie have to bail out his favorite investigative partner, public relations woman Temple Barr, but he has to save a fellow feline from a charge of Murder One. All of Louie's and Temple's allies and enemies converge on the case when a big-game hunter is found dead with only a leopard for company. And the fun really begins when the unofficial investigators learn that the leopard is Osiris, a performing Big Cat who was kidnapped from his magician owner only days before the murder. Add to the mix a woman who's been surgically altered to resemble a Big Cat, a group of Las Vegas high-rollers who've been paying big bucks to illegally hunt big game at the victim's ranch, and a cadre of ardent animal rights protesters secretly staking out the premises, determined to stop the illegal killing at any price, even their own lives. . . . From Library Journal Feline investigator Midnight Louie (Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit) and partner Temple Barr public relations become involved in the murder case of a big game hunter. Entertaining highlights include a stolen leopard, illegal game hunting, and a gaggle of animal rights activists. Never a dull moment. Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review "You never know what madness and mayhem you'll find in Douglas's mysteries, but you can be sure it will be wild, witty and utterly irresistible."-The San Francisco Chronicle "Each new installment in this exuberant series compounds the complexity, leaving us between books with mysterious bodies and looming menace. Even seasoned series fans will occasionally scratch their heads."-Kirkus Reviews Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter 1Caged  At 2:00 A.M. Matt Devine stepped outside the radio station, glad to find the parking lot deserted for once. What a guilty, if rare, pleasure. Staying an hour after his radio show ended meant that the loyal fans who gathered to greet him at 1:00 A.M. had given up and gone away.He took a deep, liberating breath. Signing photos for fans in the wee hours was not a favorite part of his radio-shrink job.Only four vehicles squatted on the otherwise empty parking lot. Each hugged a light pole, parked by staff members who knew they’d be among the last to leave and wanted as much light as possible against the

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