Analog: The Best of Science Fiction

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Author: Analog Magazine

Details: From past speculations to future possibilities - this comprehensive volume contains some of the best short stories to appear over the yeas in ANALOG (formerly ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION), the main showcase for both new and established writers of science fiction. Included are early masterpieces of sci-fi's golden years by authors such as Lester del Rey, Clifford D. Simak, H. B. Fyfe and H. Beam Piper, as well as later works by such gifted writers as Harry Harrison, Arthur C. Clark, Randall Garrett, Dean McLaughlin, John Berryman, and Eric Frank Russell. Stories range from those dealing with the "hard" sciences, as in Winston Sanders' Barnacle Bull, to the highly speculative such as Allen Lang's Blind Man's Lantern and Joe W. Haldeman's Hero. Ther's the occasional bit of whimsy, including Asimov's levitating professor, as well as the space war theme of Keith Laumer's The Last Command. Randall Garrett's famous stories of "forensic Sorcery" are included, as are the more "folksy" tales of Simak and C.M. Kornbluth. Weather you're a collector of vintage sci-fi, a fan of modern speculative fiction, or an eclectic reader who appreciates a good story, Analog: The Best of Science Fiction offers a richly varied selection of great science fiction.

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