Amazon Nights: Classic Adventure Tales from the Pulps, by Arthur O. Friel (Paper)

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When one thinks of the classic adventure-story authors of the pulp fiction era, H. Rider Haggard, Talbot Mundy, and Rafael Sabatini may come first to mind. But you shouldn't overlook Arthur O. Friel's stellar contributions - particularly his stories featuring Lourenco and Pedro, two workers on a rubber-tree plantation in the Amazon Jungle. Their adventures in the Amazon's mysterious back-country certainly deserve more than honorable mention -- they influenced Robert E. Howard and countless other pulp writers and readers.

Collected here are tales of peril and last-minute rescue, brutal savages and men of honor, snake-worshipping armies and half-ape Lost Races - and many more! For in the shadows of the rain-forest, many evils lurk . . . human and otherwise!

Features a new introduction by Darrell Schweitzer, eight short stories, and The Jararaca, a complete novel. The incredible wrap-around jacket art is by famed comics artist Mark Wheatley.

Contents are:

Introduction, by Darrell Schweitzer
The Spider
The Peccaries
The Firefly
The Tailed Men
The Trumpeter
The Barrigudo
The Bouto
The Ant-Eater
The Jararaca (a novel)