A Coin for the Hangman, by Ralph Spurrier (pb - near mint)

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Author: Spurrier, Ralph

Details: Product Description Booksellers never know what they might find in an estate sale. When our man finds the tools of England's last hangman, along with the diary of a condemned man he executed, he knows he has a mystery to solve. Was there a miscarriage of justice? Did the wrong man die at the noose? And just who is telling the truth? A mystery that has readers guessing to the very last page. If you like fiction by Robert Goddard and Peter Lovesey, don't miss A Coin for the Executioner. Review Minette Walters, 'A fiendishly clever plot set in the aftermath of World War II. I thoroughly enjoyed it.' Peter Lovesey, 'A compelling book, superbly plotted.' NewBooks journal: 'A hidden gem.'Crimesquad: 'A very moving piece of fiction.' About the Author Ralph Spurrier is a bookseller who specialises in crime fiction and is well known in the UK for his trade in first editions and unusual books. He has an MA in creative writing at Sussex University.

Languages: English

Item Condition: CollectibleLikeNew

Binding: Paperback